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8 Reasons Why Businesses in Camarillo Need SEO

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There are 4.2 billion people using the internet today. The vast majority of them utilize Google to find businesses in their area.

All of that searching has made it so Google fields over 5 billion searches on a daily basis.

Do you want to be the business that pops up when Camarillo customers are searching for products in your niche? If you do, you’d better start making SEO a priority.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of optimizing the content you publish to the web so Google can properly index it and serve it to customers who they feel might be interested in what you’re offering.

The benefits of SEO on today’s internet are virtually unlimited. In the interest of time, our team shares 8 of the core advantages a solid SEO strategy can bring to your Camarillo business right now.

1. Increased Traffic to Your Website

One of the most obvious benefits of SEO is the increased web traffic you’ll enjoy. With billions of people conducting Google searches on a daily basis, the higher your website ranks in results, the more likely you’ll be to get people searching in your niche to click through to your site.

About 33% of traffic searching for any particular keyword will click on the first result Google turns up. The second result gets just 17% of clicks and the rest go down from there.

Bottom line… The better your SEO is, the higher you’ll rank on Google, and the more traffic you’ll enjoy.

2. Better Foot Traffic to Your Brick-and-Mortar

If you’re a Camarillo business owner whose website doesn’t do eCommerce, you may be wondering if SEO is for you.

It is.

Millions of people utilize Google to find the best brick-and-mortar businesses in their local community. If you’ve invested your marketing efforts in local SEO, you’ll be one of the top results when people type in your city’s name next to a business keyword.

That means more people will discover your shop online and more foot traffic will follow close behind.

3. Long Lasting Results

When you invest in SEO, it’s not the same as investing in traditional marketing methods like pay-per-click ads.

With pay-per-click ads, you set a budget and when people click on your ads and your budget goes dry, you’re done.

With SEO, you’ll be working with an expert marketing agency that will help your business rank for particular keywords like “Pizza Parlor in Camarillo”. When your marketing efforts have netted you top rankings for keywords, your business won’t fall off of its ranking as soon as you stop paying your marketing agency.

Some businesses rank for keywords for years! That means that your SEO efforts could pay dividends for a very long time.

4. Good SEO Runs Circles Around Big Budgets

Another one of the key benefits of SEO is that it’s a great equalizer.

It can be hard to compete with big companies when it comes to marketing spend. Given that a lot of SEO is organic marketing rather than blatant marketing (more on that next) you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get big results.

You’ll find that with the right strategy, you could start outranking your richer competition for keywords and could ultimately start turning the tide in your local market!

5. Organic Marketing Beats Blatant Marketing

Consumers are becoming unceasingly numb to blatant marketing. Most people online don’t even see advertisements anymore because they’ve gotten used to glossing over them or use ad blockers.

SEO doesn’t advertise to people. It helps them.

With good SEO, your business will better connect with people who are actually looking for your products and services. That means people getting what they need faster and you earning happier, non-manipulated customers.

6. More Brand Awareness

Let’s say that your SEO efforts have you ranked as number 3 for a handful of keywords. Does that mean that you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of SEO?

Not at all!

Getting ranked anywhere on Google’s first page of results can bring your Camarillo business huge benefits.

Just because people don’t click on your result on a search page, doesn’t mean they’re not seeing it. As a matter of fact, you could be getting thousands of passive impressions on a results page that you’re not necessarily generating clicks off of.

That’s a lot of brand deposits that could passively raise your credibility, begin to cement your brand name in consumer’s minds, and could lead to converting customers later on.

7. Increased Credibility

There are a lot of businesses in Camarillo and not all of them are created equal. That means that consumers need to be careful who they trust to make sure that they don’t get burned.

Guess what though? People trust Google unequivocally.

When they see that Google, a brand they trust, has ranked you number one for searches, consumers view that as Google endorsing your business.

That endorsement will immediately instill confidence in people that you’re somebody worth doing business with.

8. SEO Insights Can Apply to All Aspects of Your Business

The benefits of SEO extend well past ranking high online. With the insight you’ll get from the marketing agency you work with on SEO strategy, you’ll get an understanding of what it is customers in your area are searching for.

That insight can revolutionize the way you do business.

For example, imagine running a Camarillo ice cream parlor and finding out that 2000 people are searching for a particular flavor each month that you don’t carry. That tip could lead to you introducing a new product which could skyrocket your revenue.

At the end of the day, SEO helps you understand your customers better. Doing that is always a very good thing.

Benefits of SEO for Businesses in Camarillo

From giving you consumer insight to raising your company credibility, there is no shortage of benefits of SEO your company stands to gain by investing in it.

That’s where our team comes in.

At Mighty Fish Digital Marketing, we’ve been helping Camarillo-based businesses maximize their online presence and skyrocket their foot traffic for years.

Let us provide you with the same outstanding service.

Contact us today for your SEO breakthrough strategy session!

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